Prolyte Campus: Speakers & Trainers

The Prolyte Campus Speakers and Trainers are pleased to share their knowledge with you. Read on for more information about our speakers and their specialisations.


bakker rinus .png

Rinus Bakker, Consultant & Trainer of Rhino Rigs.
Rinus ('Rhino') started in 1970, doing lighting & sound in a rock venue. An inherited interest in structural strength made him swing to rigging in the early 80s, since which has become his core business, in every possible aspect. Since 1994 he has participated in rigging & safety standardisation committees in Holland and abroad. In 2000 he was co-founder of ARGH, the first in the world to support professional entertainment riggers. 

 laanstra eric.png Eric Laanstra, Brand Manager Litestructures & ProlyteStructures
Based on his broad technical experience and practical skills, acquired working in the rental site of the entertainment business, Eric was warmly welcomed to join the Prolyte team in 2000 to support the Customer Service department. After more than 8 years as manager Customer Service Eric knows all the tricks and details on nearly every product Prolyte supplies. Moving on as Brand manager Litestructures and ProlyteStructures Eric's responsibility focuses on Prolyte's extensive trussing range, lending his expertise to project support as well as product development. Close contact with users and customers is highly valued by Eric, where sharing knowledge and jokes usually go hand-in-hand.
 moeller matze .png Matthias Moeller, Technical Director of Prolyte Products GmbH

 mulder ivo.png Ivo Mulder, Brand Engineer ProlyteStructures
Ivo has joined the Prolyte team in 1997; starting as engineer he has developed as large roof systems and special projects specialist. Driven by his passion for this industry Ivo Mulder has obtained his BSc degree in Mechatronics and is true a multidisciplinary specialist in the field of engineering.
As senior brand engineer he is responsible for technical sales support. Ivo has provided numerous theoretical and practical build up sessions for roof systems, sharing his expertise with technicians all over the globe.
 sluis jasper vd.png Jasper van der Sluis, Brand Engineer ProLyft

voskuil, william.png William Voskuil, Brand Manager StageDex 
As a relative new member to the Prolyte team, William Voskuil is making moves fast. Trained as a Civil Engineer, William joined Prolyte in 2007. Starting within the Customer Service department, William learned all the ins and outs of our product range rapidly. As Brand Manager StageDex William is responsible for this product range, developing both product and markets. His challenge is to establish StageDex as a brand with the same recognition as the Prolyte trusses. Creating solutions based on customer demands is a great stimulus for him, feedback from training session an incentive to make better products.
 zijde michiel vd.png Michiel van der Zijde, Brand Manager ProLyft, Product Manager Theatre
From his early years on, Michiel always knew that there was only one career he aspired: lighting technician. So based on his education as Electrical Engineer, he co-founded a rental company, then moved on to Flashlight Rental to become Operations Manager. In 1998 he started Silk, a company specialized in technical production in which role he was technically responsible for large scale musicals, major festivals and complex installations in theme parks and museums. In this work he acquired broad knowledge in show automation and motion control. Michiel joined Prolyte in 2011 as Brand Manager ProLyft and Product Manager Theatre products. Starting with lighting console training in his early days, Michiel has not only broad training skills, but is a member of the Dutch Event Safety standardization group as well as developing competence profiles for lifting technology for Dutch theatre technicians.