E-Commerce Options

Prolyte offers two methods to make the ordering process easier and more efficient both for you and for Prolyte, increasing the speed of order handling. Feel free to browse the three options which are shortly explained below and more elaborate in the attached document or simply watch the following video.

1. Automatic Order Intake System (AOIS)

The Automatic Order Intake System (AOIS) can simplify the order process at Prolyte for you. It not only provides the option to create an order straight out of your ERP system, but in combination with the Shopfeedfile, it can create efficiency on your purchasing department. Any order placed via the AOIS is automatically uploaded to our ERP system. Besides the efficiency on your side, this also positively affects the time to process the order within Prolyte. Resulting in a faster overall order handling. From there on, internal Sales will check your order on availability and if the requested delivery date can be reached. If everything is correct, you will receive an order confirmation in the following night. 

Download AOIS general pdf

Download AOIS installation pdf

2. Ordershop

The Ordershop will be available for all Prolyte customers who are interested in using an online shop. This shop will show all the standard Prolyte products, including the relevant accessories per product, making a complete order really easy. Besides that, it will show pricing based on your discount level and the stock levels per product. 

 Easy navigation through our assortment
Place orders when and where it suits you best
 Order input manually, by CSV/XLXS upload or reorder
 Product descriptions, images, prices and stocklevels
Overview of previous orders and invoices

See how to simplify your ordering process


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