Prolyte trussing and staging training in Dubai


UAE: Prolyte’s distribution partner in the UAE, Provision AVL, recently hosted a pair of seminars across two days focusing on the manufacturer’s trussing and Stagedex staging systems. The Prolyte Campus was attended by more than 40 riggers, project managers and engineers from a variety of A/V companies and venues, including DWTC, ADNEC, Dubai Parks and Resorts, Protec, Mediakraft and J&C Joel, all of whom were imparted with an understanding of how to safely build temporary truss and staging structures.

The seminar was led by Prolyte product manager Eric Laanstra and held at the Provision AVL warehouses. ‘The itinerary was the same on both days as we had different attendees and identical schedules formed from two sessions,’ said Kevin Boujikian, general manager at Provision AVL. ‘The first session focused on Prolyte Trussing including tips and tricks on safe set up, while the second session focused on Prolyte Stagedex and Litedeck systems.’

The workshops were free to attend with participants from each of the days leaving happy. ‘It was a great session, providing insights that are useful to everyone in the industry,’ said attendee Mike Mikaelian, senior production manager at event management company JK58. ‘I appreciate how Prolyte passed on honest information about the realities and requirements of staging and trussing, and did not use the platform as a means to sell their product.’


Prolyte Campus



Our Prolyte system still stood proud after Manila was hit by a typhoon, where other constructions had major problems or even collapsed

Philip Santos Owner of Forsk Ink