Distribution of Prolyte Group products in Germany


Following the termination of the business of Fischer Vertriebgeschellschaft GmbH, the distribution of Prolyte products in the German market will be subject to some changes.
Prolyte would like to confirm that its remaining German distribution network is trusted to absorb current market demand, both in stock volume as in customer support and that the distribution of Prolyte truss and staging products will continue as normal.
Look here for an overview of the German partner network.

Customers that require assistance in the sales, repair and maintenance facilities for ProLyft, as previously offered by Fischer, as part of their appointment as certified ProLyft Service Point, are advised to contact Prolyte’s distribution manager in Germany, Henry Schuil or alternatively the Prolyte Sales department, for further assistance and intermediate solutions.
Henry Schuil can be contacted at: hschuil@prolyte.com.
The sales department can be contacted at: sales@prolyte.com.
Prolyte will take every measure to continue to give all its German customers the best possible service and care through its trusted distribution network.

Prolyte Partners

Thanks a lot for your Prolyte Campus training. It was a great experience for me and my company.

Krzysztof Skoczek Vivo (Poland)