Prolyte Indonesian Road Show 2018


Following the success full “awareness” seminar in 2016 in Jakarta, in which the selected audience (mainly purchaser and decision makers) was made aware of rigging safety versus budget, Rajawali Productions organised last week their latest educational seminar series in close cooperation with Prolyte Asia Pacific.
Under the name of “Prolyte Roadshow 2018” Mr. Jade Bunny owner and president of Jakarta based Rajawali productions, ProLyft Service Point and distributor of Prolyte and Doughty organised together with his team a 4 consecutive days roadshow which kicked off in Bali on November the 5th followed by Surabaya, YogJakarta and the last one in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta the 8th.

In each city the seminar kicked off with an introduction to Prolyte followed by general topics such as; Lifting overhead people, basic rigging and calculations, risk assessment and awareness, prevention, use of chain hoist and basic information certification and codes such as Eurocode and SIL. Instructor Jasper van der Sluis finalised his part with additional product information from Doughty, Admiral and Protos the new load measuring system. Yee Hing Loong, International account manager of PAP closed each 4 hour session with an open discussion about why to invest in Prolyte followed with the usual question and answer session.

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Source: Prolyte Asia Pacific

I found it very interesting and it opened my eyes to certain things within the industry which people sometimes overlook. We’ll definitely be able to make use of what we learnt at the training in the future.

Grant Nortman MGG Productions