4U Rage Festival


The 4U Rage Festival is held at the end of each year in Balito, a part of KwaZulu Natal. It is an event for students that have finally completed school and want to celebrate this with two and a half weeks of partying. This edition, 80,000 kids visited the festival.

DWR Distribution supplied the covered double saddle tent, which its enourmous measurements of 18m x 80m. Two Prolyte H30V Circles of 6m. diameter were used to create two double archways, spanning the venue with the use of another 60 pieces of Prolyte truss, creating a intimate atmosphere.

Hirezone supplied the technical equipment for the main dance floor at the Sound Factory in Balito for their client G&G. “It’s a nice break from the corporate AV,” commented Richard Gild from Hirezone. “It’s a well organized event with a great production team. They had an international DJ playing every night which is a highlight. The kids are obviously all so enthusiastic and would seem really appreciative of what they are getting. They are spoilt!”

Based on the high quality products from Prolyte and their ever-enthusiastic support we were able to open up new markets and develop new business opportunities

Laurynas Paškevicius Stage Technical Service, Lithuania