Litewaves signed up as ProLyft Service Point


Beirut based Litewaves S.a.r.l. has kick-started as ProLyft Service Point for Lebanon, generating impressive sales numbers even before their official installation. 

With Litewaves, headed by Fady Haddad, already invloved in several sales jobs including the Aetos hoists, the ProLyft team and Prolyte account manager Lars Toonen set out to Beirut to perform the installation training and set up. 

Prolyte has a dense network of ProLyft Service Points, facilitating maintenance and certification for the hoist owners, enhanced by the unique Service Base support, which gives owners the chance to track and trace their hoists history in an web enabled application, which generates automatic reminders when the hoists are due for certification.

As Fady Haddad explains: ”The unique features of the ProLyft dbase offer just that bit of extra service and support you would require from a really involved manufacturer. This training has brought us the basic knowledge and skills you need to service your clients, but the certainty that we can always fall back on the in-depth expertise of the ProLyft crew is reassuring”.

Lars Toonen adds: “With Litewaves we have found a pro-active and very professional partner who stocks, promotes and supports the product for us in this region. We have noticed an increasing interest for hoists in this region, so we’re really pleased to have a reliable partner up- and running. A big thanks to Fady and this team to turn this visit into a fantastic stay!”

Prolyte StageDex are light, super strong and easily manageable, and the fact that DWR can supply me with whatever I need to add or bolt on is a bonus

Kyle Nel AVS, South Africa