Prolyte prepares for Prolight + Sound exhibition


Looking forward to Prolight & Sound

With Prolight + Sound being one of the biggest events of the year for Prolyte, the product managers and marketing team are busy getting everything ready for the show.
With only weeks to the start of the exhibition, Prolyte raises a tip of the veil.

Unveiling new products
Prolyte is dedicated to product innovation and product development. From blueprint to manufacture, Prolyte consistently creates products that offer the certainty of a flawless performance. The Prolight + Sound Exhibition will be the platform to unveil new products. Experience our products live at the show, where our product managers are available to highlight all the details.

Eurocode and truss calculations
The introduction of the Eurocode regulations for truss calculations will have a big impact on truss calculation methods in general, and the presentation of loading tables. Prolyte will offer a unique opportunity to everybody active in the field of rigging and trussing to participate in a free seminar, dedicated to the hows and whys of the Eurocode regulations. Prolyte will give a step-by-step explanation and highlight the choices as made by Prolyte.

ProLyft is proud to present another small member of the hugely successful AETOS range; the 250kg hoist will be shown as sneak preview and is expected to be ready for production in Autumn 2014. Next to that, the AETOS controller will be presented, deliverable shortly after the show. The ProLyft team, Jasper van der Sluis and Michiel van der Zijde, will be at the show to highlight all the unique product qualities.

In addition to the dB deck, StageDex’s latest family member, yet another StageDex line will be presented at the show. The Lin line is a flax based, environmentally friendly, sandwich construction. The unique qualities of the Lin line offers a lightweight and yet sturdy top lining, specially suited for outdoor use. Complete product information is avaialble at the show.

Watch out for more products to be presented at the show!

Please join us! Prolyte Group Hall 9.0 D91.

Due to the quality of the Prolyte truss, we would be able to span the complete stage width of 40m with one single span, without any columns or support points.

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