StageDex Basicline

StageDex is based on a special extruded aluminium profile. The top board is bolted and glued to the frame to reduce noise and vibration. All decks are available in metric and imperial sizes. 

StageDex BasicLine 未抛光台板为高品质的室内用轻质台板,其最大承载能力为 750kg/m2。
StageDex BasicLine 透明清漆台板为高品质的室内用轻质台板,其最大承载能力为 750kg/m2。
StageDex BasicLine 黑色涂层板是一款适合于室内使用的高质量轻质台板,最大承载能力可达 750kg/m2。
StageDex BasicLine 丙烯酸脂顶板质量高、重量轻,同时具有奢华的磨砂表面,适合室内使用。

Being able to reduce building times dramatically is really an important issue for our company. We look forward receiving the first batch of Verto Truss!

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