Video gallery

As world leading manufacturer of hardware products and structural solutions for the entertainment industry we attach great value to transparency and information sharing by means of different channels such as our Prolyte Campus, our website in general, but also by means of numerous videos. In this gallery you can find a collection of our videos which are also available on our Youtube channel. These videos contain product information, extensive product testing, "how-to" instructional items and serve inspirational purposes.

This gallery contains videos about our innovative Truss systems, Box corners and accessories. The videos provide product information, entertainment and inspiration.
The videos in this gallery display demo builds and case studies of several of our Roof systems including the XXL Roof and Arc Roof.
This gallery contains material about the Aetos range. This is a range with electrical hoists available in 250, 500 of 1000kg versions.
This gallery contains material on Prolyte StageDex products. Also various "How to" demo's are included and an you can find episode of TrussBusters here.

I really think truss should not be sold unless the person completes this course. There is a lot of information that is very good - people don’t always realize the complexity of trussing systems. There are many things that uniformed safety officers want, that actually at the end of the day could result in creating an issue. It’s a very good course

Anthony Banks Gearhouse