Adlib invests in Prolyte S36 Pre Rig Truss


UK - Adlib’s remarkable working relationship with the touring version of multi award-winning mega-successful sitcom Mrs Brown’s Boys hits the 15 year mark this year, with the Liverpool based company providing full technical production – sound, lighting and video -  for the various legs of the 2015 arena tour, scheduled to conclude in December, plus a live DVD shoot in September.

Adlib also made a major investment in new Absen high definition LED screen, Sony broadcast cameras and Prolyte pre-rigged trussing in time for the first leg of the tour in the spring.

The entire production is tailor made to suit each of the various arena venue runs on the itinerary, explained Adlib’s Technical Production Manager for the tour Kevin Byatt, who oversees all the equipment, logistics, prep, crewing, etc. This approach allows them to fine tune each performance space so it’s just right.

All aspects of the production are also designed to be time critical. With the first get-in at each venue on the day of the first show, tight co-ordination is needed with each of the venue’s crew so they can get their seats and infrastructure in place in time for doors.

The new Prolyte S36PRT trussing was specified and purchased with this in mind. The majority of the lighting fixtures stay in the truss for travel, saving considerable time during get ins and outs as well as being expedient on truck space, reducing the number of flight-cases needed.

Mike Summerfield who has been on-board for several years and is one of several familiar faces again created the 2015 tour lighting design. The client likes to keep as many of the same team on-board where possible.



Prolyte S36PRT Truss technical details

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