New European Standards for Stage Machinery


Finally, the work to convert the voluntary EU stage engineering and truss manufacture standards, CWA15902, has begun.

The newly formed Technical Committee TC433 hosted by DIN in Germany now has two working groups established and underway to produce standards based on the CWA documentation and other EU and national standards. Working Group 1 headed up by Ron Bonner, representing PLASA, will produce stage machinery standards for the manufacturer of stage machinery and their control systems.

Working Group 2 led by Matthias Moeller from the Prolyte Group, will create standards for truss manufacture and Working Group 4 with Pablo Moreno from the rigging community in Spain as its convenor, will concentrate on codes of practice for the use of the stage machinery and truss and any other technologies in the future.

Working Group 3 has not been formed or agreed to by TC/433 as yet but at the first plenary meeting the discussions seemed to favour this group to produce definitions standards.

The next meetings are set for September in Berlin.

Source: Plasa.

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