Prolyte Group asserts distribution in France


AED France is gearing up for the season, in its role of stockholding Prolyte distributor. Next to that, Prolyte can boast the trust of a large network of rental partners, offering customers optimized access to the range of Prolyte products.

 “With a growing demand in the French market for Prolyte, underlined by a growing and steady customer base, we needed to gear up”, states AED Brand Manager Rigging, Pieter Van de Velde. “That’s why we have not only invested in enlarging our stock of Prolyte products, but also in knowledgeable staff to support our customers”.

“Its really important for us to offer optimum service and flexible acces to our product ranges” states Ralph Stockley, Prolyte CCO. “We constrantly strive to enable even better access to our product ranges and to the support and product knowledge that go hand-in-hand with this.”

AED group is a well-experienced and longterm Prolyte distributor, with lots of in-house experience. They have built strong markets for Prolyte products and serve a broad customer base. Based on their large stock of Prolyte products, they can guarantee fast response times and delivery, while keeping transport costs low.

Hans Vanderheijden, Managing Director for AED Distribution adds: “With the new season upon is, AED is ready to serve the French Prolyte customers in way that complements the products, quality in service is as important to us as in the equipment we supply, that’s why we have distributed Prolyte for nearly 25 years now. AED has developed the AED Toolbox to serve its customers even better.”

Next to the support of AED, Prolyte can boast the trust of a large network of rental partners in France, who all use Prolyte products for their rental base.

Our dedicated regional sales manager for France, Bruno Lerminiaux, will be available for further support. Customers that require assistance in the sales, repair and maintenance facilities for ProLyft, are advised to contact Bruno directly for the intermediate period.

Bruno Lerminiaux can be contacted at:

The sales department can be contacted at:

prolyte Partners

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