Huss Licht & Ton becomes a certified ProLyft Service Point


Huss Licht & Ton has recently completed its ProLyft Service Point training. As an official Prolyte distributor and as the only certified ProLyft Service Point in Germany, Huss Licht & Ton, together with ProLyft, offers complete solutions for the entertainment industry.

The ProLyft Aetos chain hoists are designed for stage, touring, theater and sports arena projects. The Aetos series includes chain hoists and controls for payloads of 250 kg, 500 kg and 1000 kg. With the suitable upgrade kit for 2-line operation, a load capacity of up to 2000 kg can be achieved. The chain hoists are suitable for D8 and D8Plus situations. Furthermore, matching chain bags, rain covers, and flight cases in various sizes complete the range. With either motor control or manual control operating the chain hoists is easy.

Distributor manager Henry Schuil states: “Huss may now provide all services, perform repairs and the annual certification. Their mobile test rig enables them to perform these activities on location.”

The ProLyft chain hoists guarantee safe lifting of objects. "They stand out among other things by their quiet operation. The ProLyft chain hoists are therefore ideal for use in theaters. In addition, a load wheel ensures smooth chain guidance," explains Henry Schuil.

The robust and impact-resistant housing promises a longer life in daily use and transport. For better handling, each chain hoist has two handles on the outside of the housing. Annoying chain jams are a thing of the past, as a soft disentangle plate on the chain feeder ensures smooth operation. As an added feature, the ProLyft chain hoist has a limit switch that is triggered by a foam chain stop to prevent overloading the engine when the chain reaches the end.

Huss Licht & Ton is not only a ProLyft distribution partner but also a certified service point. "Our distributors are trained and certified annually by ProLyft engineers. The Service Point takes care of repairs and certifications of the ProLyft chain hoists. Through the ProLyft service database, each product can be identified and retrieved from the service point to determine, for example, when the next maintenance is due," assures Henry Schuil.


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Another great Campus. Like always, Matthias is able to bring the rather complex and dry facts in a very interesting way. Thumbs up!

Ben Dehmer CB Akustik