Special factory tour for Prolyte customers


On Tuesday 16 October, 10 Prolyte customers had a special tour in the Prolyte Group factory in Piatra Olt, Romania.

Planning a tour like this can be a challenge, especially when you have customers over from 7 different countries. Distributor managers Iiro Jager, Henry Schuil and Peter-Tjalling Siertsema invited customers from Bosnia (SD Sistemi), Georgia (Smarthouse), Croatia (Vedras and Liteprom), Germany (Huss Licht & Ton and Licht Produktiv), Poland (Prolight); Denmark (Gobo&Highlight) and Sweden (Bellalite and Stockholmsmassan).

Prolyte factory customer tour

The visitors had a joint lunch with the local Prolyte staff. After that the Prolyte staff enthusiastically explained the production flow with their technical knowledge. TÜV tests were taken at the same day, so everyone had the opportunity to hear the auditor from TÜV speaking about the welding tests at the Prolyte Group factory.

The Prolyte crew encourages these kind of actions and hopes to see more customers at Piatra Olt. It is always good to speak with customers and see that they appreciate the work being done in the factory.

The course was very informative. At Marshall Music I mainly sell equipment but you need to know and have this training when someone wants to buy truss from you. You need to make sure that what you’re selling them actually stays up, that people adhere to codes. I found it very useful.

Brenton Lycett Marshall Music