Prolyte Implementing Eurocode 9


Coinciding with the introduction of the Eurocode EN 1090, starting July 1st 2014, Prolyte will switch from the DIN 4113 to the Eurocode 9 (EN 1999) concerning the calculation of aluminium truss structures.

The Eurocode 9 is already valid in most European countries however, Germany who, as one of the most stringently regulated countries is regarded as normative, only changed to Eurocode 9 start of this year. This change will probably cause all other truss manufacturers to follow Germany in this descision.

Prolyte will implement the new calculation rules by June 2014 for all its trussing. Prolyte Group will explain the impact and implications of the Eurocode 9 for truss calculations and how Prolyte implements these in its truss loading tables. Don’t miss out on this unique chance to learn more on the Eurocode 9 regulations.

Seminar 1
Wednesday March 12th – 2-3pm – Prolyte stand Hall 9.0 D91.

Seminar 2
Friday March 14th – 2-3pm – Prolyte stand Hall 9.0 D91

Selling a roof system is a complex procedure, a roof system is an investment for the long term and the owner needs not only to know how to build it correct and safely, but also should be aware how to use it most efficiently on future projects. The support we get from Prolyte really makes the difference

Jean Paul Gaspard Audioconcept C.A., Venezuela