Universal LED Stack System


Prolyte Group introduces the LSU series at the Prolight + Sound.  The LSU series is a range of products to facilitate the safe erection or suspension of LED systems. The LSU series offer solutions for either suspending your LED systems or building LED systems from ground level.

Supporting your LED systems in a safe way

The proper and safe support of LED systems is an issue many production or rental company seems to struggle with. Due to the dimensions of the LED systems, this often results in either unbalacend loading or unstable LED walls. Having published a range of blogs on this issue Prolyte likes to focus on offering solutions.

The LSU series comprises of three solutions to suspend your LED system; H40R, H40V-MB, S52SV- MB  all compatible with the regular truss series and one universal solution to build LED walls of different manufacturers, the LED Stack system. All systems offer sound constructive solutions and user safety.

Suspend your LED System

If you want to fly your LED system, you have the choice of three truss types. All of these trusses are equipped with a middle beam. The middle beam will guarantee safe and easy suspension of your LED wall. Keeping the total load in the middle of your truss section, thereby avoiding unbalanced loading or using the truss in a diamond shape.

  • H40R
  • H40V-MB
  • S52SV-MB

All three truss types are fully compatible with the regular truss series and can be combined in one grid.

Build you LED system from ground level

Building your LED screen from ground level is now easy, whatever your type of screen is, Prolyte offers a universal solution, the LED Stack system. This combination of a base-unit, connection bar and ladder truss, creates a very stable system to support you LED screens in various configurations and offers flexibility in height as well as width.


A side entry clamp with the universal connection plate mounted makes it possible to mount almost any type of LED panel quick and easy.




By using longer connection bars, you can easily extend you screen with another row of panels.



Using the adjustable feet in the front and back of the base-unit, you can safely level the system, so your screen is completely straight.




Technical Specs

  • All items standard coated black, RAL9005.
  • Base unit: 50x50mm profile
  • Coupling system: CCS6
    Adjustable spindles M12
    Ladder truss H30L with straight bracing 30x3mm
  • Connection bar: 50x50x4 profile

Available ladder truss lenghts

  • LSU-30L-L050
  • LSU-30L-L075
  • LSU-30L-L100

Available connection bar lenghts

  • LSU-CONB- L100, 1m. length
  • LSU- CONB- L150, 1,5m. length
  • LSU- CONB- L200, 2m. length

Available LED panel adapters

  • LSU-ADAP-03, panel adapter for panels with M8-M12 bolts

Ballast needed

  • Screen of 2 m. height – 17kg/m1
  • Screen of 4 m. height – 130kg/m1

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