Aluminium Truss Systems

Aluminium truss products are the building blocks of our industry. Prolyte has developed a broad range of aluminium truss types and a unique system to connect them: the conical coupling system, CCS. Prolyte trusses are designed to make them suitable for a broad variety of applications, from a simple flown grid or exhibition booth to stage-and-lighting truss to elaborate mother grids or support structures prepared for high loading.

ProlyteStructures encompasses truss series in different sizes and strengths, including straight lengths, corners and curves; all designed and manufactured according to a strict philosophy that emphasizes simplicity, standardization, ease-of-use, configuration flexibility and optimum safety. Prolyte provides comprehensive data and offers expert training to promote the correct use and safe application of its truss systems.

ProlyteStructures ladder truss variants ordered by type and size.
ProlyteStructures triangular truss variants ordered by type and size.
ProlyteStructures square truss variants ordered by type and size.
ProlyteStructures rectangular truss variants ordered by type and size.
ProlyteStructures folding truss variants ordered by size.
Der Bereich der Standardwinkel umfasst 2- bis 6-Wege-Winkel in unterschiedlichen winkligen Abstufungen: von 45 bis 135 Grad. Zum Erstellen eines beliebigen Gitters oder einer 3D-Struktur.
Boxcorner-Systeme bieten eine flexible Lösung: Sie können wahlweise in eine 2- bis 6-Wege-Corner umgebaut werden, indem einfach die weiblichen oder männlichen Aufnahmen an die Corner montiert werden.
Book corners connect your trusses at any angle required, flexible or fixed.
Das Zubehör von ProlyteStructures umfasst zusätzliche und ergänzende Produkte, um aus einer Traverse ein vollständiges Trage- und Aufbausystem zu machen.
Diese einzigartigen und auf eine wirtschaftliche Weise erweiterbaren Systeme bieten eine Vielzahl von Lösungen, von einzelnen Tower-Elementen bis hin zu Dachsystemen, auf einer zuverlässigen Basis.
Prolyte has developed both indoor and outdoor LED support solutions.
Kreisförmige Traversen, gebogene Traversen und Bögen werden alle hochpräzise in maßhaltigen Segmenten gefertigt, die zu verschiedenen Längen oder mit Winkeln kombiniert werden können.
Tubes with or without welded couplers and clamps.
Prolyte ProTrac
Upgraded fly-bar system with extra options and a high loading capacity.

Prolyte Campus

Prolyte Campus is a Prolyte Group initiative to support its customers with the best and most up-to-date knowledge available. Providing the tools and training to use the Prolyte Group products safely and in compliance with applicable standards and regulations will help you perform better.
Prolyte Campus

Building an Arc Roof with AED NL

25/09/2018 Bis 25/09/2018 This year the Prolyte campus will be an Arc-Roof build. In this session you will get a basic knowledge of the loading capacity and safety precautions concerning such a system.
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Prolight + Sound Middle East

23/09/2018 Bis 25/09/2018 Visit the Prolyte booth at Hall 4 - E12 and see our latest products. Don't miss the Panel Discussion at 11:10 am about Regulations for the AV Industry - The Rigging Code of Conduct, where Prolyte Distributor Manager Lars Toonen will join.
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Prolyte Campus blog: Round or Square?

It is generally accepted that our entertainment trusses are equipped with chords made of round tubes. But what about other shapes?

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Can I combine with brands that say they have “Prolyte compatible” truss?

From a distance all trusses look the same. On closer examination, however, differences become apparent. Joining together trusses from different manufacturers places a high risk of liability on both the user, the employer, the owner and the manufacturer/distributor.

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The course was very important. There are some things that we have never known since working with Prolyte trussing. What was very important to me was learning about the safety aspects and then taking care of trussing from a maintenance point of view.

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