EasyFrame D

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Creating a support construction for any stage always meets strickt demands. Coping with short production times, systems like this need to be fast to build and easy to assemble. The Easyframe D offers both, a lightweight pre-build frame connected with two diagonals to complete the set-up. No tools are needed to mount the frames. The frames can easily be connected with either a 2- or 4-way leg adapter.

The EasyFrame D is a support frame for both in- and outdoor use. The system is constructed of 60 x 5 and 48,3 x 3 mm aluminium tubes and is used to create stages ranging in height from 110cm. to 150cm. Spindle feet, placed in the bottom of the frames, make it possible to level the stage at an exact position. EasyFrame D is designed to be used with standard StageDex decks, the allowable loading is 500kg/m2.

Article codes

40cm screwjack ACC-SPIN-LAY/40
EasyFrame D Rack 100 - 150 cm SM-F-D-R100150
EasyFrame D Leg adapter 2-way SM-F-D-ADAP-02
EasyFrame D Leg adapter 4-way SM-F-D-ADAP-04
EasyFrame D Brace for 2 meter side SM-F-D-SOB2M

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  • Adjustable height from 110 to 150 cm
  • Lightweight pre-build frame
  • No tools required to mount the frames
  • For in- and outdoor use
  • Very flexible setup


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Technische Daten

Alloy Aluminium (EN AW 6062 T6)
Frame 60 x 5 mm / 48,3 x 3 mm
Bracing 48,3 x 3 mm + clamp on braces
Self weight frame 10 kg
Self weight brace 3 kg
Stage height variable 110 to 150 cm
Maximum load 500 kg/m2 UDL

deck of your choice can be placed on the frame.

The course was very important. There are some things that we have never known since working with Prolyte trussing. What was very important to me was learning about the safety aspects and then taking care of trussing from a maintenance point of view.

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