Prolyte Campus

Prolyte Campus is a Prolyte Group initiative to support its customers with the best and most up-to-date knowledge available. Providing the tools and training to use the Prolyte Group products safely and in compliance with applicable standards and regulations will help you perform better. Prolyte Campus offers a complete programme of learning activities to create awareness on the safe use of Prolyte products.

What does Prolyte Campus offer

 Facilitate the safe use of Prolyte products
 Help you grow your business in a responsible way
 Seminars by our speakers and trainers
 Educative online materials

Educative Materials

Prolyte Campus offers a seminar based means of knowledge transfer supported by various online documents, including the famous BlackBook, the online Brochure, Rigging Courses and Technical blogs presented by our speakers and trainers. Prolyte users are encouraged to share their experience and daily practice skills by our what's your story board!

Brochure and Blackbook

Link to Prolyte brochuresLink to Prolyte Blackbooks

As a manufacturer Prolyte Group always feels the responsibility to supply knowledge as integrated part of its products. Creating the awareness that safe working practices are key to responsible ownership is one of our goals. Transferring knowledge and creating a dialogue with technicians worldwide, finding their needs and sharing experiences is a valuable base for creating solutions that work and help you grow your business.


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Prolyte takes safety very seriously. Do you want to extend your knowledge by hands-on training? There are Campus training events on a regular basis all over the globe. And the great thing about it, they are free to attend!

Find a seminar to attend

The event calendar shows all coming Prolyte Campus seminars, Rigging Courses and Exhibitions.
Prolyte Campus events are organized in cooperation with Prolyte distributors and are mostly organized at the premises of the distributor.
Do you want to meet the Prolyte team or attend a Prolyte Campus? We organise events on a regular basis all around the globe.
The Prolyte Campus Speakers and Trainers are pleased to share their knowledge with you. Read on for more information about our speakers and their specializations.
Prolyte Group presents: TrussBusters! A fun way to learn new things about your favourite products. How many people fit on one stage deck? Is a truss infinitely strong? Can aluminium burn?
Presenting testimonials from individuals, groups and organisations about their experiences with Prolyte and its products. So, what's your story?
Get fresh insights and specific knowledge from the experts. Prolyte regularly posts blogs on several subjects.
All you want to know about Prolyte and Prolyte products but where afraid to ask? The FAQ page offers a collection of questions we frequently receive.
Welcome to the Prolyte Group forum! Introduce yourself to the community and share your feedback, questions or opinion.

The sales people you trained on Friday were all extremely positive. You have given them lots to think about.

Adam Blaxill Stage Electrics, United Kingdom