Prolyte Campus at the LDI 2017

Wann: 16 November 2017 Bis 16 November 2017
Zeit: 09:00 - 18:00
Kategorie: Events Archive 2017

Truss Unraveled - Technical Truss Training by Prolyte Group

Truss Unraveled - Prolyte's Technical Truss Training will bring you a basic understanding on the technical properties, its potential and its practical limits. Bringing over 25 years of truss manufacturing to the table Prolyte will give you an insight on the different types of truss, connection types and their applications. To understand the different types of truss and help you pick the right product for the job you will learn more about the different forces occurring in the truss as well as different types of loads and how they are calculated. By understanding and being aware of loads, forces, truss- and connection types, workfloor safety and truss maintenance participants will be one step closer to safe and efficient truss usage. 

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What participants will learn or session highlights

  • Learn about different truss- and connection types and their applications/advantages
  • Learn about internal- and external forces in the truss
  • Learn about reading and understanding different loads and their effect on the truss/span
  • Learn about safe ways to use and maintain truss/structrues
  • Hands-on truss comparing

Target audience

  • Riggers/truss technicians
  • Rental production house owners
  • Production managers
  • Theatre consultants/spec writers

Session L38

Session L39

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The sales people you trained on Friday were all extremely positive. You have given them lots to think about.

Adam Blaxill Stage Electrics, United Kingdom