Prolyte Campus at Bellalite Göteborg

Wann: 8 November 2018 Bis 8 November 2018
Zeit: 09:00 - 16:00
Standort: Göteborg, Sweden
Kategorie: Events Archive 2018

Prolyte’s Technical Truss Training will bring you an advanced understanding of the technical properties, its potential and its practical limits. Bringing over 25 years of truss manufacturing to the table, Prolyte will give you an insight into the different types of truss, their applications and structural basics. To understand the different types of truss and help you pick the right product for the job you will learn more about the different forces occurring in the truss as well as different types of loads and how they are calculated. By understanding and being aware of loads, forces, truss and connection types and truss maintenance and inspection, participants will be one step closer to safe and efficient truss usage.

Lecturer Matthias Moeller is Senior Technical Advisor of the Prolyte Group. He is involved with product management, R&D and the Campus initiative of the Prolyte Group. Besides this, he is active in European and German standardization work as representative of the German trade associations DTHG and VPLT. In 2015 he became convenor of Working Group 2 “Work Equipment and Installations” of CEN TC 433 “Entertainment Technology” which recently transferred CWA 15902-2 to EN 17115 “Specifications for design and manufacture of aluminum and steel trusses”. Furthermore, he is DGUV accredited expert for testing of machinery and equipment in staging and production facilities for the entertainment industry in Germany and member of German Government WG on “Temporary Demountable Structures”

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From the first informative talks to the final implementation, Prolyte has proven its value as a knowledge partner throughout the entire process

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