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November 1991
How it al started? Three friends, Fokko Smeding, Roel Steenbergen and Jan Hondebrink, founded Prolyte in Leek in 1991, initially under the name Prolite Products and Alucon, soon to be changed to Prolyte. The first products to be introduced are the T20 and T30 system (with internal tube connection).




Prolyte participates in the first edition of the Prolight & Sound Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany as Prolyte Products BV. A production facility is set up in an old cloths peg factory in Nietap (near Leek). Prolyte introduces the H57F folding truss, made from a high polished rolled aluminium tube and the D20 truss system, the prequel to the later Multipurpose series.



Prolyte invents and develops the unique conical coupling system, CCS, which is introduced at the Prolight & Sound Exhibition in Frankfurt that year. Not knowing the magnitude of this invention, the product is poorly protected, resulting in many copies of the original nowadays. Later that year the S57D truss is introduced.




Prolyte expands its production facilities and moves to new premises at Industriepark 31 in Leek. Prolyte invents and introduces the MPT tower, a tower system with a unique, multi-attachment, plated sleeve block. To fulfil their customers ever increasing demands, Prolyte is quickly expanding its product line, investigating into trusses with higher loading capacity. This year the SCCS series couplers are introduced for the heavy-duty truss series – now known as CCS 700, to be followed by the S52F truss, S66R truss as the S66 pre-rig trusses.



Prolyte further expands it production facilities and hires extra production space in Leek. Based on the MPT tower system, Prolyte invents a mobile saddle roof system, the MPT roof system. This first system is sold to Port Lighting in the USA. In this year the X20 series trusses are introduced, small decorative truss fitted with conical couplers. This truss system will evolve into the E20 series truss.





With the production in full flow, Prolyte is steadily growing, building a loyal customer base, laying the foundation for its future distributor network. Working further to develop the roof systems, the first full-fledged standard MPT roof system is sold to Matthias Krazmuller in Germany.



Prolyte broadens its product portfolio by introducing the S36R truss, based on these measurements and requests for higher loading capacity, Prolyte further introduces the ST tower system.





Prolyte wins the local entrepreneurs award “Ondernemers Jaarprijs BVL”. Based on very sound growth figures, Prolyte expands its premises and opens new offices and a warehouse location opposite the production facility.



Prolyte faces an ever-increasing growth, the continuing demand for products places production under pressure, leading to long delivery times. Prolyte launches an ambitious growth plan and expands its production facility to battle production lead times of over 16 weeks and reduce these to maximum 3-4 weeks. At the end of the year Prolyte has two fully equipped production locations.




In this year, the unique Box Corner system is invented, offering a strong and very flexible alternative to standard corners. Right from its introduction the box corner is a hit, representing the growth system philosophy of Prolyte. Later that year Prolyte introduces the rigging or delay tower, the RT-H30V. Releasing an update of its product catalogue, Prolyte introduces the initial version of what later will become the well-known BlackBook as an addition to this catalogue.




Prolyte continues its growth, further broadening its product range. The introduction of a new company identity and logo are to underline and reflect the expanding product portfolio, becoming a one-stop-shop for production hardware (Staging – Rigging – Trussing). In this year Prolyte acquires its own CNC facility to manufacture the CCS systems. 2005 also is the year in which the B100RV is introduced and the LT roof system is designed, the first LT roof is sold to Ital Stage in Italy. Prolyte wins the “Abel Tasman prize” for entrepreneurship.


Following its philosophy of a broad product portfolio, offering a complete package to its customers, Prolyte introduces a new product line: StageDex. StageDex comprises of stage floors, stage decking systems and support frames.



Prolyte introduces yet another product line: ProLyft. ProLyft comprises of electrical hoists, hand hoists and rigging hardware. With the introduction of the MK I ProLyft hoist, Prolyte also introduces the unique ProLyft Service dbase.



Introduction of ProLyft




The continuous growth requires more production capacity. Prolyte opens a new 10.000m2 production facility, where all production units are now located under one roof. StageDex introduces the crowd barrier range.




In March of this year, the Prolyte shareholders decide to sell part of their shares to an investment banker, opening the way to more investment capital. Prolyte wins the “Abel Tasman prize” for entrepreneurship for the second time.




Prolyte wins a third prize for entrepreneurship, the “Ondernemingsprijs van het Noorden”, as most successful company of the North of the Netherlands.



Prolyte designs the Space Roof system, the systems is introduced to the market and first customer is Interstage from the Netherlands. The Space Roof system is first used on Liberation day on the 5th of May.




In September 2010 Prolyte acquires LiteStructures UK – to become the Prolyte Group. The official announcement is at the PLASA show. With the acquisition a long-term plan to relocate all production to the factory in Romania is rolled out.



Introduction of the Prolyte learning initiative “Prolyte Campus” – to bring knowledge to the users. Invention of the H40R truss – introduced at the PLASA exhibition in London.




After extensive preparation, planning and exhaustive training, Prolyte starts the transfer of the production facility to the factory in Romania. Prolyte launches its first Mobile App, The Locator app.



Nine years after the introduction of the successful ProLyft MK I-III range, ProLyft introduces the AETOS hoist, which is launched at the Prolight and Sound exhibition in Frankfurt. The AETOS hoist offers a completely renewed hoist with a set of features designed to make it future ready.






Prolyte Group sells its project business LiteStructures and Brilliant Stages in order to focus on its core business; trussing, staging and rigging. Prolyte further establishes and strengthens its distributor network.



Completion of the relocation of the production to Romania. Prolyte Group has obtained the EN1090 certificate in the highest execution class, EN1090- 3 EXC3. A new roof structure is introduced, the XXL roof, first sold to PROMontaje in Venezuela.




In response to increased worldwide demand for its staging products and solutions, Prolyte Group is pleased to announce its expansion across North America with the opening of its office in Pearland, Texas. 







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