• Who are we in Germany?


    Prolyte Germany consists of a long-lasting relationship with Huss Licht & Ton GmbH & Co. KG as well as Licht Produktiv especially for the German market. Both being Prolyte's very close partners who provide customers with a wide range of products from trussing, staging, lighting to audio and visuals.

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  • Product Focus - B100RV Rigging Tower


    The heavy-duty RT-B100RV has a loading capacity of 2300 kg and a maximum lifting height of 15,95 m. The RT-B100RV is based on B100RV truss with stabilisers of H30D truss.

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  • Happy Easter Blackbook Day


    The Blackbook has gained a reputation for being the best “on the road and beyond” reference guide. Offering extensive theoretical background knowledge, as well as practical tips, it's a must-read for everyone in our industry who’s involved in rigging or trussing.

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  • New Offices and Distribution Structure for Prolyte in North America


    This is also the start of an expanded presence in North America for Prolyte, which will now be included in the Area Four Industries Direct America offices in Knoxville, TN and Thousand Oaks, CA. In line with the new Prolyte distribution structure, this expansion allows both inventory and offices to be closer to customers on both coasts.

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  • Prolyte video - Verto Truss


    To briefly recap, the Verto system was originally developed as a fast and quiet alternative to the Conical Connecting System. “Silent. Safe. Quick,” are the three words Eric chooses to describe the Verto-Truss System, and assembly and disassembly are very quick indeed.

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  • Product Focus - Stage Deck


    In the previous video of Stage Deck Systems, Product Manager, Eric Laanstra briefly introduces a series of Prolyte staging system. On this page, we will go through the product range in depth.

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  • Eric Laanstra – New member of Rigging Commandos


    Eric Laanstra as Prolyte Product Manager, joins the Rigging Commandos team to share the insight of the products and knowledge with everyone. The first video is published on, take the first glance there, and a lot more video will come soon.

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  • Prolyte video - Stage Deck Systems


    Eric Laanstra, product manager of Stagedex will explain to you the advantages of Prolyte stage deck systems.

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  • A healthful message to our customers


    We hope that you’re coping well during this isolation period. We at Prolyte want to reach out to you to see how you and your families are doing. We understand the current outbreak ...

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  • The success of MPT Roof for Metro Productions in New Zealand


    Long-lasting, configured from standard trusses, optimal strength and small volume in transportation are the advantages of Prolyte's MPT Roof. Read more about customer's experience of the MPT Roof here.

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Verto Truss is a pleasure to work with,even with two guys to build our structure, one of which who has never built this structure before, the set-up and break-down took a quarter of the time compared to the standard bolt-together plated truss.

Keith Ellis MTN Shop, Rigging Product Expert