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The Verto truss is a new revolutionary system, making truss connection fast, silent and safe. The Verto truss brings a totally new perspective on truss assembly and is described as a game changer in our industry.

This truss can greatly benefit the daily working practice for technicians, its tool-less connection is almost completely silent, thereby greatly adding to safety on the work floor.

Tested general sound levels are around 55dB, where a conical truss system generates a sound level of 80dB during assembly. Furthermore, it reduces the assembly and disassembly time. Tested general assembly times are up to 5 times faster than those for truss with conical coupling systems and 10 times faster than any bolted truss.

Verto truss is patented by Prolyte.


Rotating coupling system

The Verto* truss is based on a new principle of truss connection, where the sections are joined by a rotating coupler system. This system has great advantages over existing systems. The name Verto is derived from Latin, meaning to turn or to turn around and that is exactly how this coupler works. A simple flick of your wrist will connect the truss sections. The Verto truss is designed as an additional system, for those circumstances where its specific characteristics come into play, like the silent connection and reduced assembly time. Its structure resembles that of the standard H30V truss.

Verto Truss

Verto Coupler

 Verto Truss (VER-H30V)

 Verto Coupler (VER6-600)

 Prolyte Verto Boxcorner

 Verto Boxcorner (VER-BOX-30V-0)


The complete Verto product range

Verto system benefits

  • Tool-less system, no tools needed for assembly and disassembly
  • Red ring to indicate the system is still open
  • No protruding parts, ideal for attaching banners or drapes
  • Bringing safety to the work floor – its silent connection adds greatly to work floor communication
  • Incredible fast connection and disconnection, reducing production time
  • Strong and compact, based on the H30V truss with similar loading capacity
  • Coupling parts can be replaced, prolonging the general lifetime of your truss
  • Versatile system with many application possibilities, the additional box corner completes the system
  • Incorporated dirt-repllent system
  • Verto truss is TUV certified following the new Eurocode regulations

Download the Prolyte Verto truss loading table



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Verto vs H30V
Disassebly speed (team 1)

Verto vs H30V
Assembly speed (team 1)

Verto vs H30V
Disassembly speed (team 2)

Verto vs H30V
Assembly speed (team 2


Verto Truss


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Additional Safety Clip
A plastic clip is available as a secondary safety measure. It can be simply clipped into place when a visual identifier is required.



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Verto truss is patented by Prolyte.

Verto Truss: The making of

Inventions like the Verto system don’t come of the shelf. The R&D of the Verto system was a long process; encompassing the design of a new coupler system, but also the design and adaptation of the manufacturing process, user feedback, system testing, static calculations and patenting.


Verto Speed Challenge!

Do you consider yourself an apt and able truss tech? Join our challenge! During the Prolight+Sound exhibition, people built a small grid with the new Verto truss. The top ten fastest truss builders all won an unique “Prolyte 25 years” outdoor jacket and a place in the Verto hall of fame!

The guys in the video below set a good time of 1:10, but the record of the day was an assembly time of 0:25!

 Video source: Production partner

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Our Prolyte system still stood proud after Manila was hit by a typhoon, where other constructions had major problems or even collapsed

Philip Santos Owner of Forsk Ink