BlackBook edition 2015 launched


Prolyte Group is happy to announce the launch of the BlackBook edition 2015.

The BlackBook is completely re-written and updated to reflect newly implemented regulations and standards, like the Eurocode.

The Prolyte product managers and engineers have worked hard to re-write, re-draw and rework existing information to incorporate the latest changes and developments, providing actual, relevant technical data and information.

“The impact of the implementation of the Eurocodes in our industry is far reaching, technical information should be completely up-to-date, so our customers can rely on the accuracy and validity of the information offered, we regard that as our responsibility as a supplier” comments Matthias Moeller, Senior Technical Advisor for Prolyte.

The Prolyte BlackBook has gained a reputation as the best reference guide for on the road and beyond. Offering extensive theoretical background knowledge as well as practical tips it's a must read for everyone in our industry, involved in rigging or trussing.

You can request a hardcopy of the BlackBook.


Read the new BlackBook here

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