Prolyte Installation for KBS Arena Center


For the installation of a multipurpose grid in the sports Arena in Seoul, Korea, Ltd East-West KBS Sports World Technologies asked Prolyte distributor Tongsuh to supply the trussing and hoists for the grid. The former sports venue, which will be known by its new name KBS Arena, is located in the Gonghang Dae-ro and recently has had a complete update.

Installing the grid on hoists was part of the briefing to turn this location into a multifunctional venue, thereby creating broader utilization possibilities.

KBS Arena

The truss grid, supported by Aetos hoists can be flown with precise positioning and accuracy; reducing the maintenance costs for the lighting fixtures by being able to do maintenance from normal working height – rather than in mid-air.
Furthermore, the build-in limit switches secure the position of the hoists, thereby greatly adding to safe operation of the grid. For Korea, an installation on this scale is unique.

KBS Arena

As specifically requested by the venue’s consultant, all prescribed materials had to be on a world recognized standard, deliberately choosing for an installation that can rival any installation in the world, offering the guarantee of a flawless performance. With these requirements in hand, KBS Sports World Technologies found in Prolyte distributor Tongsuh the right partner to offer the equipment, as well as the support, locally.

Equipment list:

Prolyte H40V truss:
3m length – 32pc
Several corner types – 21 pc

Aetos hoists and controls:
ProLyft Aetos 1000kg – 12 pc
Aetos PRO controller – 2 pc
Aetos PRO remote controller – 1 pc

New inventory added from Prolyte. The best truss and decks we could source. Crew and clients alike love it

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