ProlyteSystems – Ready for the future


ProlyteSystems Ready for the future

Prolyte Group will relaunch its complete range of roof systems this year, giving a sneak impression of the new redesigned systems at the Prolight + Sound exhibition. The complete redesign encompasses making these systems fully compliant to all applicable standards, rules, regulations, directives, codes and laws. The revised roof systems will offer state of the art technology and will be available as a box system with add-ons. Very straight forward, what you see is what you get.

“I started in the event business to make emotions. Being involved in the process that creates emotions, that’s what we do. We translate creative ideas in a technical way and make it really practical and safe to work with”, states Ruud de Deugd, product manager Roof System. Quite a bold statement, but Ruud knows this business inside out. Prolyte is happy to have Ruud back on board, so he can combine his engineering skills with his practical experience and translate these into a range of products that are both of the best quality and borne out of practice.

The event business has been struggling with changing standardisation over the past years, its a though issue, not difficult, but complex. Prolyte is progressive, they want to be the best in this field, therefore Prolyte is revising all roof systems to live up to the highest standards and regulations applicable on the job. Being best-of-class, that’s what Prolyte likes offer its customers and users.

Prolyte roofs comply to both EN 13814 and ISO 17842-1 and therefore to the relevant parts of EUROCODE or any other national or continental standard. This means Prolyte supplies roof systems that are fully compliant and that live up to the state-of-the-art of entertainment technology.

The revised roof systems will be available as a box system with add-ons. The complete package will include drawings, structural report, loading capacities, manuals and all materials and components you need.

Each standard roof is available in several sizes, options are:

  • Sound wing
  • Ground ring
  • Stage frame
  • Layher stage

“Prolyte designs structures that are are safe and reliable, so the vistor can be carefree at the festival, that’s our mission” concludes Ruud de Deugd.

The updated ARC roof and MPT roof system are now available – other systems will follow this year.

We use the complete Prolyte range; trussing, staging and ProLyft hoists, day-in day-out, the products perform without any problem.

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