JLT Rent: Largest Verto Rental in the BeNeLux


During the CUE Exhibition in Rotterdam Prolyte ran into JLT Rent, a fervent ambassador of the Prolyte Verto truss. Presenting the Verto truss at the show in his stand, Lenhard van der Giessen explains why Verto works so well for business.

"Largest Verto Rental in the Benelux" is of course a temporary status, however I'm really proud to own this batch of Verto truss"; mentions Lehnard van der Giessen, Managing Director of JLT Rent. "AED rent will have an enormous amount in its rental stock, but I was just a bit earlier."
"I have used the Verto truss on several occasions now and, apart from saving an enormous amount of time, I leave a really good impression. People are amazed at the building speed and ease of assembly".

JLT Rent: Largest Prolyte Verto Truss Rental in Benelux

JLT Rent: Largest Prolyte Verto Truss Rental in BeneluxJLT rent is a young, energetic company, specializing in the technology for (company) events, conferences and exhibition stands. Based on years of experience in the industry, JLT have quickly grown into a professional and reliable partner when it comes to light, sound and image. Their approach is as simple as decisive: just do a good job, do what you promise, with knowledge and experience of specialists, creative advice, professional equipment and a customized solution. JLT promotes itself as the leading company in the field of image and sound in the region of Rotterdam and surroundings.

They serve large international customers, all based in the Harbour area in Rotterdam, like BP Oil.
"Working for BP is what got us looking at the Verto truss in the first place" comments van der Giessen. "Their safety regulations and protocols are very strict, which is normal for their industry, they can't afford any mishap. You are constantly monitored on the job, safety is their top priority".
JLT works regularly for BP, so they are used to be able to provide their certificated and prove of their safe working practices. Using the Verto truss during a BP project earned them a compliment - speed of work and the silence during the build were noticed.

Another example is a tradeshow where JLT had to adjust the stand slightly. Using Verto this was a matter of minutes and done without the disturbance due to the noise of hammering in pins. Other exhibitors watched open-mouthed.

"Using the Verto truss makes us noticed and stand out in a positive way, furthermore it saves production time- what more do I need? I'm sure to continue my investment in this truss!"  states van der Giessen.

Further reference:
JLT Rent website: http://www.jltrent.nl/
JLT Rent Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jltaudiovisual/

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For me the training helped me to refresh, especially as I have been doing this for years and years. It helped me to remember things like maintenance and checking the truss. I think I have grown a lot, it has helped me with my rigging and I understand better than I did before.

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