ProLyft Aetos hoist for OCEC


The OCEC, has taken delivery of a complete and comprehensive delivery of ProLyft Aetos hoists. These high-end hoists fulfil the extracting demand of the OCEC, which strives to be recognised as the leading venue for our service, products, people and performance.

lighting and decoration for a special Iftar event held at the OCEC

In the picture: During the Ramadan in June, the OCEC used a large batch of hoists to support all the lighting and decoration for a special Iftar event held at the OCEC.

The OCEC (Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre) is based in Muscat. Architecturally advanced in design and capability, featuring over 22,000 square metres of column-free space, the venue represents a true landmark. The OCEC offers a wide array of meeting and exhibition spaces with the very latest in communications and audio-visual technology to meet the demands of the most discerning global event organisers.

To meet their customers’ demands, the venue operator, AEG Ogden, was looking for a flexible solution for the venue’s rigging facilities. Adhering to the highest quality standards and service excellence, they were looking for high-end rigging solutions, supported by the best service and knowledge.

Meeting OCEC’s brief, Prolyte Group was selected to present a proposal. Based on the quality of the proposal and the technical support they experienced during this phase, there were happy to give the go.

All the separate venues within the OCEC are supplied through the venue operators’ office. Based on the incoming rigging plans for the upcoming projects, they assign the required equipment for the shows and exhibitions. This means the equipment needs to be as flexible as possible and suited for all types of applications.

Prolyte supplied a large batch of Aetos hoists with a lifting capacity of 1000kg and a lifting height of 20m. All hoists are equipped with limit switches, incremental encoders, double brakes and load cells. These extended specifications were all specifically required by the OCEC, since they wanted this installation to be not only flexible, but also to offer full safety characteristics in use. Furthermore, giving the user tool like positioning, load monitoring and integrated limit switches

Supplying the complete system, including hoists, encoders and cabling, flight cases and storage bins, Prolyte decided to choose for the Kynesis Libra system for load-monitoring and controls to match the tender requirements. The systems integration was easy, all add-ons are based on a plug- and play system. 

The complete time frame to deliver the complete system proved to be quite a challenge for the ProLyft department. Not only did the ProLyft team equip all the hoists bodies with double brakes, encodes and extra fittings for the load monitoring cables, all hoists were individually tested and certified before shipment.

“The great thing about the ProLyft hoists is that they offer a lifetime warranty. ProLyft has rolled out an international network of Service Points, which are all trained to do maintenance and certification. They even have a solution to do this on-site. For a venue with a busy operating schedule like the OCEC, this is ideal. We never have to worry about the availability of our equipment”.

Prolyte performed a basic training before handing the equipment over to the venue’s supervisor and further training to the complete OCEC technical team.

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Compatibility and quality make Prolyte the ideal partner for rigging equipment for our company.

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