Prolyte assigns a new distributor in Switzerland


Leek, the Netherlands - As of the 1st of February, Prolyte assigns DJP Diffusion as the official Prolyte distributor in Switzerland.

DJP Diffusion becomes a Prolyte distributor after joining forces with Prolyte's most experienced ambassador Madame Rose Oberer. 

"Together we will keep Prolyte as the number one in Switzerland. In Prolyte you can Trust” said Madame Oberer.

Madame Oberer is well recognized in Switzerland for her expertise and vast knowledge of Prolyte products. She has more than 25 years of partnership and ordeal with Prolyte and the Swiss market. Her accomplishments speak volumes, resulting in partnering relationships and building a large network.

"No matter what happens, Prolyte is the standard in Quality and Safety. After more than 25 years of collaboration, I know what I am talking about." Oberer added. 

"We are so proud and glad we can continue with the experiences and energy of Madame Oberer, who is known as the best in the Swiss Market." Bruno Lerminiaux said upon sealing the deal last week.

DJP Diffusion will primarily provide Prolyte products alongside focusing on the venue, theatre installations and the rental fleet business.

Would you like to get in touch or discuss your requirements? Kindly find the nearest distributor in the dealer network.

If you have any inquiries, DJP Diffusion can be reached at 
E-mail: or
Tel: +41 21 416 60 06

DJP Diffusion

For me the training helped me to refresh, especially as I have been doing this for years and years. It helped me to remember things like maintenance and checking the truss. I think I have grown a lot, it has helped me with my rigging and I understand better than I did before.

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