ProLyft supports klpac


The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac) is Malaysia’s first fully integrated arts centre. Raised after the 2003 flood to provide a home for the arts community, klpac opened its doors in May 2005 as non-profit organisation. It has become the very lifeline that keeps the arts and cultural life in Malaysia breathing.

Mid 2013 klpac decided to invest in a set of new chain hoists for the main theatre. They contacted Prolyte Asia Pacific, whom already supplied their existing 136kg and 250 kg chain hoists, for quotes and ideas. klpac’s request tied in perfectly with the launch of the ProLyft Aetos range of hoists.

As Mike Thomas, Technical manager of klpac, remembers: “I was invited for the launch of the Aetos hoist at the Prolyte Asia Pacific offices in Kuala Lumpur last years October, conducted by Menze van der Sluis. I felt at home as I was welcomed with open heart. At the launch, I showed interest in the 500kg version. As the Prolyte team was able to answer all my questions and queries on the hoist, I did request for a quote for 12 units of the Aetos 500kg hoist. Satisfied with the accurate and in-depth answers klpac was convinced to make the right choice and produced a purchase order.

Thomas continues: “The new equipment would take 8 to 12 weeks for delivery which was right on time for our biggest production, Sinbad the Musical. With the materials delivered on time, Ashraf Bin Jamali, certified ProLyft hoist technician from PAP, put in extra effort in order to make sure that the hoists were tested and certified before being delivered. Installation, testing and commissioning at the venue was done by the next day”.

The klpac team is been running the installation without any complaints since then. The nearby support of an installed ProLyft Service Point does offer them the security of immediate service when needed.

Over the years PAP has become a reliable supplier for klpac states Thomas: “The PAP team has proven its worth for us time and time again, lending us their excellent support and expertise. A big thanks to all of them!”


Thank you for your knowledge and huge experience

Gleb Kharchenko MF Group, Russia