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In this section, we introduce one of our popular stage systems - the Prolyte Arc Roof. The Arc Roof is a fixed construction, based on three inward-curving trusses that are mounted to side masts. Special corners connect the arches to the main grid. Different configurations are made possible by simply changing the arches. The arched trusses have a keder profile on top for fitting the optional canopy. It is suitable for small to medium temporary events. Arc Roof comprises a range of multiple sizes and dimensions (6x4, 8x6, 10x8).

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Why choose Prolyte Arc Roof 
  • Versatile application
  • Easy to handle, quick setup
  • Significant loading capacity
  • Ideal for smaller events
  • Extra options available



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Structure - Arc Roof 8x6
Main grid H30D
Towers H30V
Roof structure Arc Roof
Stiffening Guy wires + Pressure bars


Loading capacity
Description Type Totals
Towers UDL 1950kg
Roof structure CPL 950kg
  Point load combination 2100kg
PA wing CPL per wing 1000kg


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Have a look at Arc Roof experience from the users

Jim Brown, General Manager, Pearce Hire says  “We were particularly attracted to the Arc Roof system because of its well-considered assembly process which is critical to the challenging set-up times our client projects often involve,” 


Prolyte's Arc Roof System used by MGG at Comic-Con Africa - DWR Distribution (South Africa)

"The outdoor MTN Zone proved to be a popular venue with MGG erecting their Prolyte Arc Roof for jam-packed entertainment that included live music and SA’s favourite DJs. "

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Download product sheet Arc Roof 6x4 

Download product sheet Arc Roof 8x6 

Download product sheet Arc Roof 10x8 


ProlyteSystems offer innovative, solidly engineered solutions for constructing complex structures or roof systems for any event. Whether your event is an intimate social gathering or a massive outdoor concert, your stage design should be robust, stylish, and ready to work in any type of environment; regardless of the size or demands of your application, Prolyte offers what you need. With Prolyte you are asserted of a long-term solution next to a cost-efficient investment. Where safety for performers and audiences is paramount, ProlyteSystems are a natural choice. Looking for more information? Then click the button below.

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Due to the quality of the Prolyte truss, we would be able to span the complete stage width of 40m with one single span, without any columns or support points.

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