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With “Product in the Spotlight” Prolyte likes to highlight a selection of its excellent products, by taking them out of the shadows. Prolyte will highlight a different product every month.
Feel free to browse this page for inspiration on what diverse products Prolyte can offer you and how you can use our products.


August 2017: MPT Tower

The MPT tower is based on H30V truss and employs a sleeve block that fits to any of the 30 or 40 Series trusses on all four sides by means of bolted CCS6 couplers (either male or female). In combination with an adapter plate, it is also possible to use the sleeve block with either S36R or S36V truss.MPT-Tower

The MPT tower has a self-weight of 115 kg. The MPT sleeve block is a fully bolted structural element, making it much stronger and more precise than conventional welded versions. The top section and base section can facilitate the use of either a hand winch or a chain hoist. The MPT tower is cost-effective investment, you need only purchase the special parts if you wish to expand your truss system with towers.

MPT-Tower Product page

MPT-Tower Product sheet

July 2017: B100CW Truss

The design of the catwalk truss is based on the B100RV truss. The catwalk truss can be used to create mother grids, work platforms or proscenium or lighting bridges. The handrail and reinforced bottom plate create a safe walking and working environment. The catwalk truss can be fitted with additional bracing bars for suspension and optional side cantilevers to create space to hang your lighting equipment.The catwalk truss is available with a range of corners and accessories.

B100CW truss Product page

Download the B100CW truss Product sheet


June 2017: Prolyte H20LB LadderbeamProlyte-H20LB

H20LB Series truss is constructed with main chords and verticals designed from 48,3 mm tubes. Equipped with the CCS6 conical coupling system, the H20LB truss is fast and easy to assemble. The H20LB truss is a frame girder, without diagonal bracing and with rigid joints between top and bottom chords and verticals. The H20LB is designed to create matrix frames for circumstances with low headroom, like studioinstallations. Standard box corner ribs make it a complete and flexible system. Offering low heatroom combined with optimum strength.

H20LB truss product page

Download the Prolyte H20LB Flyer


Dex to Dex Clamp

June 2016: Prolyte Dex-to-Dex ClampDex-to-Dex Clamp

The Dex-to-Dex Clamp is a simple and effective way to assemble your decks into a complete stage, making a strong connection between two individual decks. The clamp can absorb the horizontal as well as the vertical forces on the stage floor and guarantee a close fit of the decks. Can be mounted without the need for tools. 


Download the Prolyte Dex-to-Dex Clamp Flyer



March 2016: Prolyte Probeam

Probeam offers an economical and innovative system that combines the benefits of both scaffolding and StageDex staging systems. The Probeam is designed for two different applications; to build a (metric) StageDex system on top of any scaffolding system or to be used supporting frame when normal plywood is used as flooring system. The Probeam simply Probeamconnects to any scaffolding system. The exceptional strength and high stability of the Probeam guarantees symmetrical and foolproof construction. Probeam main and cross beams are available in lengths of 1000 mm, 2000 mm and 1036 mm and 2072 mm. The main and cross beams can be ordered without wood, with basic line wood black or with a top line wooden inlay. 

Download the Prolyte Probeam Flyer


H40R Product in the Spotlight

January 2016: Prolyte H40R Truss

The H40R truss is a rectangular standard H40 truss constructed of main tubes (48,3 x 3 mm) and diagonals (20 x 2 mm). Equipped with the CCS6 conical coupling system the H40R has a clever program of specifications; compact and strong the H40R has three-sided webbing, the thicker braces on the bottom side allow easy mounting of moving heads and central H40Rloading, reducing the torsion effect resulting from one-sided loading in standard trusses. The spigot orientation follows that of the S series truss, allowing easy assembly while the truss is still on the floor. The H40R measures 387 mm high by 287 mm wide. The H40R is available in all standard lengths as well as a box-corner, a box corner attachment and the H40R MPT adapter; completing the H40R range to a convenient and flexible range.

Download the Prolyte H40R Truss Flyer

More information about the H40R Truss


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