Prolyte Products


Prolyte has developed a broad range of trusses and a unique system to connect them: the conical coupling system. Prolyte trusses are designed for a variety of applications, from a simple flown grid or exhibition booth to elaborate support structures prepared for high loading.


The Prolytesystems range comprises of ground support systems, PA towers, LED wall support systems and an extensive range of roof systems. Based on the Prolyte truss systems these complex structures creating efficient and economic systems that simply grow with your requirements.


The StageDex range comprises of LiteDeck, StageDex, and Crowd Barriers; offering durable and versatile products that facilitate the building of temporary flooring systems, demountable platforms and stages or crowd control solutions.


Lifting, drive and control solutions from ProLyft make productions happen, on stage, on tour, in theatres or sports arenas. They ensure safe object or performer movements and protect performers in their daily work.

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Prolyte StageDex are light, super strong and easily manageable, and the fact that DWR can supply me with whatever I need to add or bolt on is a bonus

Kyle Nel AVS, South Africa