ProlyteStructures accessories are a range of additional products that can be used in combination with the ProlyteStructures trusses or other complementary products. This section presents a selection of accessories that might prove helpful in the assembly or setting-up of your truss constructions. ProlyteStructures accessories all have one thing in common: they have been developed to help you realize the many possibilities and full potential offered by your ProlyteStructures truss system. All ProlyteStructures accessories are designed and manufactured to the highest industry standards, and all comply with safety regulations and, where applicable, are TUV approved.

The now much-copied Conical Coupling System is unrivalled in efficiency, strength and ease of assembly.
A range of clamps to make reliable connections where you need them, without damaging your truss.
Complete your system with a baseplate whenever you use vertical towers or legs. It makes your structure more stable and protects your truss.
A range of handy rigging hardware, like soft slings, steels and shackles. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, fully tested and certified.
Compact and ergonomic followspot chair, offering maximum comfort and safety for the technician. Mounts to any truss type.

I think the course has been brilliant. There is a lot of stuff that we have been doing and we realize now that there are alternate ways of doing things. It’s a learning curve and it’s awesome. We got to ask a lot of questions and receive answers back immediately, which was really great.

Peter Abrahamse Gearhouse