Hoist Control

ProLyft offers various chain hoist or chain motor control solutions for simple and complex lifting situations. The hoist control systems are designed to the latest standards with a user-friendly layout to reduce operator failures. ProLyft Aetos hoist controllers have been engineered with an understanding of the needs of entertainment rigging operators. The front panel layout and the functionality of the buttons have been carefully designed to meet the demands of daily practice in lifting, where any selection mistake can create an overload situation.

Handheld control units for the control of one or two hoists, including emergency stop button, for direct and "low voltage" controlled hoists.
Basic Controller and Pro Controller range, offering sophisticated, safe and flexible control solutions in a 4, 8 and 12 channel version.
Remote control with touch screen. feedback possibilities. Up to 120 channels. Works in combination with the Pro Controller.

We use the complete Prolyte range; trussing, staging and ProLyft hoists, day-in day-out, the products perform without any problem.

Rene Verbruggen Bridge Event Facilities