Heavy-Duty Truss

System characteristics

The ProlyteStructures Heavy-Duty truss product line consists of the S and B Series, ranging from the S36 to the B100 truss, all available in several profiles. The S and B Series are designed as robust truss systems, with thick-walled chords, heavy-duty bracing and an exceptionally strong coupler system. The main characteristics of the Heavy-Duty truss are relative compactness and ultimate strength, while a user-friendly design, durability and unrivalled loading capacities make ProlyteStructures Heavy-Duty truss a flexible and reliable choice for many events.

System application

The Heavy-Duty trusses are the ultimate solution for structures that have to meet high load-bearing demands and are subjected to frequent use, for example when functioning as a supporting structure or overhead rig for more complex constructions. Their robust features make them suitable for outdoor use as well as indoor applications. The S and B Series are mainly used in the rental, staging, event and exhibition markets.

Coupling system

ProlyteStructures S and B Series Heavy-Duty trusses use the CCS7 conical coupling system. The CCS7 allows fast, efficient and reliable coupling of trusses and corners.

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Heavy-Duty Truss Catagories

Square Truss

Rectangular Truss

Folding Truss


Case Studies and Solutions by using heavy-duty truss and in large scales

Ground Support

Roof System




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