StageDex EasyRail - Handrail, Safety Rail, Guardrail

Handrails and other accessories from the EasyRail range can easily be attached to the decks by inserting a spigot in a pre-bolted hole on each corner of the deck. This makes it possible to assemble the rails after the decks are built, as they are fully independent of the sides or the underlying constructions of the stage.

The light-duty version of the Easyrail can resist a horizontal loading of 30 kg/m. This railing type can be used for stages or areas with no public access.
30kg connector for the StageDex handrails and other accessories.
The heavy-duty version of EasyRail can resist a horizontal loading of 100 to 200 kg/m. This railing type can be used in all circumstances.
The handrails complete the modulair stairs. You can simply bolt the handrail on the stair unit.
The handrails complete the adjustable stair. The SM-STAIR-521 is the rounded end part.
Spigot used for attaching the light duty version of the Easyrail.

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