Modular Stairs

Catalog number: SM-STAIR-020 - Item code: 115600001

Separate stair units can be combined to create a stair of any desired height in steps of 20 cm by simply bolting the stairs together. The units can also be connected at both sides, which makes it possible to create stairs of different widths.

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  • Create a stair of any desired height in steps of 20CM.
  • Units can be connected on both sides.
  • Railing can be connected to side bars of stairs.
  • Fits directly to the decks by using an angular profile.


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Need help?

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Technical specifications

  • The measurements of the individual stair units are 910 x 225MM.
  • Available in heigths ranging from 20 to 100CM.


Prolyte StageDex are light, super strong and easily manageable, and the fact that DWR can supply me with whatever I need to add or bolt on is a bonus

Kyle Nel AVS, South Africa