ProlyteStructures reliable truss structures.

Truss products are the building blocks of our industry. Prolyte has developed a broad range of trusses and a unique system to connect them: the conical coupling system, CCS. Prolyte trusses are designed to make them suitable for a variety of applications, from a simple flown grid or exhibition booth to elaborate mother grids or support structures prepared for high loading.

ProlyteStructures encompasses truss series in different sizes and strengths, including straight lengths, corners and curves; all designed and manufactured according to a strict philosophy that emphasizes simplicity, standardization, ease-of-use, configuration flexibility and optimum safety. Prolyte provides comprehensive data and offers expert training to promote the correct use and safe application of its truss systems.

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A unique decorative, light-duty range of trussing; triangular and square.
A revolutionary truss with a rotating coupling system and accessories.
Light to medium duty truss; ladder, triangular, square and rectangular.
Heavy duty truss with thick-walled chords and extra strong bracing.
A broad range of standard corners complementing the truss series.
Range of box corners which can be converted into a 2- to 6-way corner.
Book corners connect your trusses at any angle required, flexible or fixed.
Couplers, clamps, baseplates, rigging gear, nuts & bolts, dollies and more.
MPT, ST and CT ground support systems; Rigging Towers.
A range of circular trusses.
Tubes with or without welded couplers and clamps.
Upgraded fly-bar system with extra options and a high loading capacity.

Prolyte Campus

Prolyte Campus is a Prolyte Group initiative to support its customers with the best and most up-to-date knowledge available. Providing the tools and training to use the Prolyte Group products safely and in compliance with applicable standards and regulations will help you perform better.
Prolyte Campus

Prolyte Campus presented by Huss

21/11/2017 till 21/11/2017 Prolyte Campus presented by Huss Licht & Ton in Langenau.
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Prolyte Campus, presented by EES, Madrid, Spain

29/11/2017 till 29/11/2017 Prolyte Campus presented in cooperation with EES, Madrid, Spain.
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Out now: International Code of Practice for Entertainment Rigging

The final ICOPER document is released, which provides guidance and a universal foundation for those engaged in planning, managing and executing entertainment rigging.

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Can I combine with brands that say they have “Prolyte compatible” truss?

From a distance all trusses look the same. On closer examination, however, differences become apparent. Joining together trusses from different manufacturers places a high risk of liability on both the user, the employer, the owner and the manufacturer/distributor.

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