Square Truss

ProlyteStructures offers a broad variety of aluminium square truss or box truss. The E20 series truss is mainly used for architectural or decorative applications. The popular H30 and H40 trusses are stronger and more versatile and specifically designed for use in the installation, rental and exhibition markets. The innovative Verto truss is designed specifically for indoor applications, and stands out through assembly speed and silent mounting.

The range of heavy duty truss offers solutions for types of use that require high loading demands or larger spans. The heavy duty truss range includes regular square truss, like the S36V, S52V and S52SV and specially designed tower trusses, like the S40T, C52T and D75T truss. 

Being able to reduce building times dramatically is really an important issue for our company. We look forward receiving the first batch of Verto Truss!

Rene Verbruggen Bridge Event Facilities