The comprehensive range of truss systems from Prolyte is the foundation for more complex constructions, like ground support systems, PA towers, LED wall support systems and an extensive range of roof systems, all comprising of the ProlyteSystems range.

Using truss as the basic building blocks, these systems are efficient and economic, attainable for starting as well as established companies, the system simply grows with your requirements. Paramount is the integral safety of our systems, each system is delivered with a structural report and, where applicable, an initial instruction training is part of the sales process. Setting out to provide a fitting solution, these systems require solid engineering and a sound understanding of the user demands, Prolyte has an experienced engineering team to discuss your needs.

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The Arc Roof is a fixed construction, based on three inward-curving trusses that are mounted to side masts.
The Tunnel Roof is a fixed construction, based on inward-curving trusses that form a complete arch.
A tower-based structure with a sloping roof toward the back of the stage, The Flat Roof is remarkably easy to build.
The CLT Roof is a tower-based structure with a curved roof. It is based on the standard MPT Roof, which can easily be transformed into a CLT Roof.
The MPT Roof is a tower-based structure with a pitched roof, a design which guarantees optimum strength.
The ST Roof is a tower-based structure with a pitched roof, a design that inherently offers optimum strength.
The Giant ARC Roof is a tower-based structure that is constructed using 3-to-5 arches.
The LT Roof is a tower-based structure with a pitched roof.
The Space Roof is a modular roof system based on a space frame structure. The Space Roof can be built up to 37 x 22 meters in size.

Prolyte Campus

Prolyte Campus is a Prolyte Group initiative to support its customers with the best and most up-to-date knowledge available. Providing the tools and training to use the Prolyte Group products safely and in compliance with applicable standards and regulations will help you perform better.
Prolyte Campus

Prolyte Campus at Controllux, The Netherlands

13/03/2017 till 14/03/2017 After a succesful previous edition, Prolyte organises in cooperation with Controllux a new Prolyte Campus in Studio 6 in Hilversum on the 13th and 14th of March 2017
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Prolyte Campus at DWR Distribution, South Africa

14/03/2017 till 17/03/2017 Prolyte Group in cooperation with DWR Distribution offers a Prolyte Campus seminar at DWR Distribution, South Africa
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Trends for Roof Systems and Touring Structures

Even though PA and video equipment have become lighter, we see more and more set pieces in productions, contribution to a growth in total weight.

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Rigging and such: Circles and Arches

Circles and arches can be found in a variety of applications, all of these bringing particular challenges on how to safely calculate constructions using circular or arched truss.

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