Polygon XII Roof

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Based on H40V truss, the Polygon XII roof system offers a multi-functional and cost-effective solution. The straight truss lengths convert into a curved “tunnel” type roof with the addition of special corner sections. Side stage areas and the cantilever construction are integrated in the design. The back wall is based on standard kedar profile and can be easily removed, may weather circumstances ask for it.

The complete roof structure is based on a metric system and fully compatible with a Layher sub-structure and integrated Layher adapters. The Polygon roof system comes in four different sizes Apart from the width of the stage, also the depth can be varied. This makes the roof system adaptable to any type of event. 

To convert from one size to the other, only some straight length parts need to be added, all corner parts remain the same. This solution minimizes the amount of parts needed and offers maximum flexibility.
E.g. for a 12x14 roof size you start with 1,5m. truss lengths. An additional 0,25 or 0,50m length will convert you roof into a 14x14m size resp. 16x14m. size. Add the 0,25m. length to that and you’ll have the 18x14 m. roof size.

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  • Available in four easy to convert sizes
  • Minimum amount of parts needed
  • Width and depth can be varied
  • fully compatible with a Layher sub-structure


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Technical specifications

Sizes - 18x14m, 16x14m, 14x14m, 12x14m.

Further technical specifications will follow shortly. Feel free to contact Prolyte for any questions until then.

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