XXL Roof

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System description
The XXL roof system is based on 13 CT towers, of which one is a stack tower underneath the back span. The roof has main grid based on B100RV truss and a pitched roof structure based on B52SV truss, which is the standard S52SV truss adapted with a main chord of 60 x 6 mm. Layher adapters guarantee a flawless integration of the towers and the stage. ProLyft Aetos hoists lift the 17-ton structure in place. The main roof area can be constructed in 3 different sizes 30m. x 20m, 25m. x 20m, 20m x 20m, realising a clearance of 14m. between the stage and the main grid. The loading capacity of the roof is approx. 30 ton, uniformly distributed along the roof.

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XXL Roof product sheet


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  • Sidewings included
  • Side stage areas on both sides
  • High loading capacity
  • Extra options available


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Technical specifications

Technical specifications - XXL Roof
Dimensions 30x20 m (1181 x 787 ”)
25x20 m (984 x 787 ”)
20x20 m (787 x 787 ”) 
Loading capacity (UDL) Loading 30x20 28,3T UDL
Loading 25x20 24,3T UDL
Loading 20x20 20,2T UDL
Max. wind speed 28,4 m/s, 63,3 mph


  • Tension gear and steel wires
  • Structural report

Selling a roof system is a complex procedure, a roof system is an investment for the long term and the owner needs not only to know how to build it correct and safely, but also should be aware how to use it most efficiently on future projects. The support we get from Prolyte really makes the difference

Jean Paul Gaspard Audioconcept C.A., Venezuela