XXL Roof

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System description
The XXL roof system is based on 13 CT towers, of which one is a stack tower underneath the back span. The roof has main grid based on B100RV truss and a pitched roof structure based on B52SV truss, which is the standard S52SV truss adapted with a main chord of 60 x 6 mm. Layher adapters guarantee a flawless integration of the towers and the stage. ProLyft Aetos hoists lift the 17-ton structure in place. The main roof area can be constructed in 3 different sizes 30m. x 20m, 25m. x 20m, 20m x 20m, realising a clearance of 14m. between the stage and the main grid. The loading capacity of the roof is approx. 30 ton, uniformly distributed along the roof.

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XXL Roof product sheet


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  • Sidewings included
  • Side stage areas on both sides
  • High loading capacity
  • Extra options available


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Technical specifications

Technical specifications - XXL Roof
Dimensions 30x20 m (1181 x 787 ”)
25x20 m (984 x 787 ”)
20x20 m (787 x 787 ”) 
Loading capacity (UDL) Loading 30x20 28,3T UDL
Loading 25x20 24,3T UDL
Loading 20x20 20,2T UDL
Max. wind speed 28,4 m/s, 63,3 mph


  • Tension gear and steel wires
  • Structural report

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