Prolyte Campus

Prolyte Campus is a Prolyte Group initiative to support and inform our clients with the latest industry trends and changes.

The benefits of Prolyte Campus are:

 Simplifies how to safely use Prolyte’s products
 Aids in the growth of your company’s bottom line
 Offers continued education through seminars and hands-on training
 Provides supporting materials online

Seminars and hands-on training

There are Campus training events on a regular basis all over the globe, including hands-on training sessions.

Product demos and how-to videos

How-to videos Prolyte

To demonstrate the safe use of our products we offer how-to video material including Trussbusters!

View our How-to videos

Supporting materials

Link to Prolyte Blackbooks

Prolyte provides online versions of the famous BlackBookBrochures and a collection of Technical blogs. Feel free to share your experience with us.

View all our supporting materials

The event calendar shows all coming Prolyte Campus seminars, Rigging Courses and Exhibitions.
The Prolyte Campus Speakers and Trainers are pleased to share their knowledge with you. Read on for more information about our speakers and their specializations.
Get fresh insights and specific knowledge from the experts. Prolyte regularly posts blogs on several subjects.
Presenting testimonials from individuals, groups and organisations about their experiences with Prolyte and its products. So, what's your story?
To demonstrate the safe use of our products and to demonstrate products we present our video gallery.
All you want to know about Prolyte and Prolyte products but where afraid to ask? The FAQ page offers a collection of questions we frequently receive.

I think the course has been brilliant. There is a lot of stuff that we have been doing and we realize now that there are alternate ways of doing things. It’s a learning curve and it’s awesome. We got to ask a lot of questions and receive answers back immediately, which was really great.

Peter Abrahamse Gearhouse