Prolyte Campus blog: Believer, Faithful or Fanatic?

We all have our favourites. Whether it's a performing artist, sportsman, team, or even politician. Some people are not just fans, they can be fanatic.
At least that idea came to my mind after receiving this picture.

The issue: The truss in the front looks very much like the B100 from Prolyte. A strong type of module for sure - to use as temporary stage roof beams or mother grid. But are they temporary stand-alone towers as well?

The other two towers in the picture are made of (stronger and rustier!) steel. And these still are fitted with stabilizers.

The answer: To see is to believe? In this case I want to see a structural report. And a convincing base module. And stabilizers. Or a cut through picture, where we
might see a complete 3m section poured in 10 tons (or so) of concrete all resting under the ground. And I would like to know what the calculations assume as a limit
to the wind speed. And my believe will grow when seeing the insurance policy of the company that put it up, and the insurance of the organizers.

The verdict: We never can exclude all risks from human life. But this kind of believe in B100 truss is one that we should be able to verify and control. Proper stabilizers, ballast and base sections should be part of any type of tower system. The shown type of truss-faith should not accidentally change into truss-terrorism.

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Mike Thomas Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre, Malaysia