Prolyte Campus blog: Believer, Faithful or Fanatic? The real story

We all make mistakes, even when it’s our job to prevent those are made. In that process we sometimes hurt people, which have tried to do a job to their best knowledge.
Here’s the real story about this picture, which we received and did not check well enough. 

The issue: The truss in the front is a B-100 from Prolyte. A strong type of module for sure - to use as temporary stage roof beams or mother grid. But are they temporary stand-alone towers as well?

The answer: To see is to believe?  Not always.
There’s more to this set up than you can see. To start with, a structural report was made, where this structure is calculated for its intended use, including all wind forces, etc. The structural report advices precautions to make the structure safe. These precautions were followed. In the ground – where you can’t see it, there’s a big steel plate attached to the tower and on top of that an enormous amount of ballast is placed. This ballast is sufficient to be compliant to all applicable regulations. So this project was done following all the rules and offering a safe solution.

The verdict: We never can exclude all risks from human life.  Not even the risk of making mistakes that harm another person’s reputation. However, can learn from our mistakes and we can amend. Hence, this is the real story behind a blog on PA towers.


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Staging manager Shahid kept happy and Prolyte decks made this job so easy and kept the venue happy as well

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