Prolyte Campus blog: Helping you grow your competence

Prolyte is contacted on a daily basis with questions with regard to structures at events – that’s our business off course, but for us it offers a -sometimes chilling- insight in the level of knowledge in our industry.

Some persons are very well educated and know what they are doing but some persons just don’t have sufficient awareness to grasp the extend of what they intend to do.

Roughly we find two categories here:

  • Persons who are aware that they do not know enough, e.g. “consciously incompetent”. They are aware of the risks, however they just do not know the details, so they are asking for help.

  • Persons who not are aware they do not know enough, e.g. “unconsciously incompetent”. They will design and create the most amazing structures or elements, but are not aware of the consequences in carrying out these plans.

We are in a young industry that has quickly developed and the technical product developments are moving fast. Unfortunately, applicable laws and regulations have not been developed at the same speed. It can be jungle out there if you’re looking to find who’s responsible and what laws and regulations are applicable.

In such an environment, simple questions as “Which regulations apply to building my truss structure?” are sometimes hard to be answered. Prolyte profiles itself as a responsible manufacturer and living up to this philosophy, we join those companies and organisations working hard to make the entertainment industry a safe place to work.

What do we do to make your work easier and safer? 

Prolyte is active in various standardisation committees at national and international level, this enables Prolyte to shape the standards in our industry and set a basis that is both workable and can be relied on.

Prolyte Campus

Through the Prolyte Campus initiative we spread knowledge on how to use our products safely to a broad audience that work with our products on a daily basis. Participation is free, find the programme here.

From 2002 onwards Prolyte has published the BlackBook, a technical reference guide, sometimes referred to as the riggers “bible”. It contains practical information, "do's and don'ts" and "tips and tricks" for anyone working in the event industry. You can request a free copy here or read the Prolyte BlackBook online.

Coming back on my earlier point on creating more awareness on safety on our industry and helping persons to grow from “unconsciously incompetent” to consciously competent”, it may seem a long way, but the knowledge and the help to grow your knowledge are here, use them for your own benefit!

Prolyte strives to make the entertainment sector a safer place and we believe that passing on knowledge is an essential part of this. 

Prolyte does not suggest that everyone should know everything. Just be aware of the risks, make sure that these risks are managed by yourself or by a competent person in your team.

Happy building!

Our experiences with this new ProLyft system are really positive. Rigging and outlining line-array systems is now very fast and accurate. Furthermore, the installing teams we’re a pleasure to work with.

Arnold van Duijn Chief Operational Services, Concertgebouw Amsterdam