Leatherman or Weather app?

In the gadget laden world of riggers and technical staff, the Leatherman is almost a must have. But why not use the other tool almost all of you carry along?

With the outdoor season kicking off in full swing, all technicians involved in outdoor events or building outdoor stages should download a good weather-warning app on their smartphones. And knowing you – a lot of you already have them!

Some severe weather events give ominous and obvious signs, while others can seemingly appear from a clear sky without warning. But as we've witnessed many times, severe storms can be swift and devastating.

The effect that wind alone can have on an outdoor structure is immense – people do not always realise how large the impact of wind force on any structure can be.

A weather warning app can help you in the preparation of measures that need to be taken when stormy weather is ahead, of simply can prevent that you are taken unaware or by surprise. There’s even a growing tendency that meteorologists are present at large events for this reason.

Utilizing your mobile phone is an important step in ensuring safety, for the technical staff as well as for the audience. Using an app over traditional media sources can save you precious time in the event of an emergency. The information already lives on your phone; all you need to do is access the app or even check your home screen for alerts. The app will help you make timely and actionable decisions.

There are numerous smartphone apps created to issue alerts and warnings in real time to maximize your chances of taking adequate measures or reaching shelter. These apps help you stay informed and stay safe. Your local news station may also provide an app that provides up-to-date weather warnings customized to your region. Search Google Play or iTunes for more information.

Have a safe summer!


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